Sometimes I feel like a Tyrannosaurus Rex

As I typed that title, I had mental images of a giant dinosaur mauling little helpless animals running through my head. That’s not  what I mean at all though. I am not the angry mauling type. I am also not prehistoric, or a dinosaur. I just mean that there are certain aspects of the t-rex anatomy that I can relate too. You see, like them I have long muscular legs and miniature arms. To be completely honest, my arms aren’t nearly as undersized as theirs are. Most people don’t even notice that they are somewhat disproportionate.  During the moments where my short arms inconvenience me though, I often find myself sympathizing with the poor dinosaurs in these sorts of memes:

s:t-rex-making-bed   trex on the toilet trex pushups   trex dunking basketballtrex love you thismuchtrex short arms bicycle

I cannot dunk a basketball.  It is hard for me to touch my toes, even when I am flexible.  Some yoga poses are completely impossible for me.  Riding a bicycle is often uncomfortable because I have to lean down a lot to reach the handlebars. I know many tall women who proudly proclaim that ‘I can reach everything in my kitchen cupboards, even the top ones!’  This is a mantra that often plays in my head set to melancholy music as my nearly six foot frame pulls out my little step stool to reach my top cupboards in the kitchen.

Yes, have short arms. With some imagination, they are kind of like a trex.  And you know what? I like them this way.  Kitchen stools were invented for people just like me!  I don’t really need to dunk a basketball; I can just throw it. I get just as good of stretch from reaching my ankles as y’all do from touching your toes.  I enjoy yoga anyhow, and my short armed predicament always makes a new yoga instructor laugh. I can still make the bed and ride a bike, and most importantly, I can hug just as warmly as any long armed person out there.

trex unstoppable trex stop making fun

By now you might all be asking what my point is with this silly blog.  It’s simply this: we all have inconsistencies with our bodies. No one’s body is perfectly symmetrical or evenly proportioned. And that is ok. Maybe you have mini arms like me. Maybe you have orangutan arms. Maybe you have big feet, or one leg is longer than the other or you are really hairy. Maybe your body is so ‘normal’ that you wish you had some quirk like me. (I don’t really think anyone reading feels that way, but the idea made me laugh anyhow)  Whatever it is that makes you self-conscious because it’s not like everyone else, find the humor in it if you can, and appreciate the fact that your body is unique. You were lovingly designed by a heavenly father who carefully chose each feature you have.  He even chose the ones that you might not feel fit with the rest of your body. You are a masterpiece.




About annamarieklikan

I am in my late twenties; I am a follower of Jesus, an avid reader, a lover of all animals, a professional scheduling coordinator (less glamorous than it sounds) and a self-admitted goofball sometimes.
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2 Responses to Sometimes I feel like a Tyrannosaurus Rex

  1. I miss your t-rex arms in the dairy often! And appreciate all the whey funny humor we had about them… still search for the perfect monkey-armed assistant for pasteurizer cleaning. 😉
    Your t-rex arms are perfect proportion for loving baby goats… come see them soon, I just may (read as: definitely do!) have a super sharp cheese inspired by you for your taste buds!

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