An Intentional Misrepresentation

There is a lie that the media perpetrates constantly. It is based on one big marketing ploy. If the media can convince you that for some reason you aren’t ‘good enough’ then they believe they have a better chance of selling you something that will make you be ‘good enough’.

Watch a few commercials on TV, and you will see what I mean.  “Every kiss begins with Kay!” touts a famous jewelry company.  Yes, the word kiss starts with a letter k. But heaven forbid that we ever kiss someone we love if we haven’t just been handed thousands of dollars’ worth of diamonds. (Guys, sorry. You just aren’t good enough if you don’t buy your girl new jewelry every time you want a kiss) Lie! I kiss my husband because I love him, not because of jewelry.

“This amazing break through formula doesn’t just cover your wrinkles; it actually makes them vanish, right before your eyes. Don’t let people look down on you for your wrinkles. Now you can have the young smooth skin you want again.” (Ladies, better watch those crow’s feet. A few wrinkles mean that all you friends will judge you. You better fix that, if you want to be good enough.) Lies! Heaven forbid we actually see aging as the natural and beautiful process that it is.

“For a limited time only, you can receive not one, but two bottles of our wonder liquid for not 49.99, not even 39.99, but only 35.99. This deal is really a once in a lifetime opportunity. Your friends are spending hundreds of dollars a month on eating plans and personal trainers, but for only 35.99, you can have the power to lose those unwanted pounds right at your fingertips. Drinking 8 ounces of this every day will slim that waistline, trim those hips and get you that coveted thigh gap you have always wanted.” Trimming my hips sounds more like a chainsaw massacre to me than it does a weight loss supplement. I like my bone structure how it is, thanks.  Leave the trimming for trees.  And some of us never get a thigh gap at a healthy weight. So I will pass on that too. Actually, being chubby doesn’t mean I am not good enough. It just means I am chubby, and that is all. The insinuation that you can’t be happy with your body unless you have a slim waistline, trim hips and a thigh gap is ridiculous.

It goes on and on and on. Car advertisements that insinuate that driving a very expensive and impractical car will somehow make a man more attractive. No, actually you will look exactly the same, but you will have a huge monthly car payment for the next 15 years. This will prevent you from making worthwhile investments and saving up for things that matter, like an education, or a home.

Clothing advertisements that try to convince us that if we just wear the right thing, we will look like supermodels. Fact is ladies, wearing those clothes might flatter you, but you will just look like yourself in nice clothes. There is no escaping from who you are and what your body shape is.  You might as well learn to embrace it.

Makeup advertisements that lead us to believe only women who look like they have had Botox on their lips are attractive. Lip-plumping lipstick is in my opinion one of the goofiest things ever invented. We teach our little girls not to pout, and then they grow up, and spend time and money trying to achieve the look of a perma-pout. When did we decide that a duck face is more attractive than a happy smile? I would like to have a word with whoever decided that pouting is beautiful.  I have nothing against women with naturally full lips. In fact, I think it is beautiful. But most of them also have bold facial features that look beautiful and balanced with their mouths.  Those of us with smaller lips tend to have smaller features. Making duck faces with your small mouth and plumping lipstick just makes your eyes and nose get lost, and they are nice too. Please don’t lose them. God gave you a delicate mouth for a reason. It’s beautiful. Embrace it. The makeup advertisement is lying. You are actually just fine the way you are.

That last sentence, it applies to most areas of our life. We are actually just fine the way we are. We all have areas that could use improvement. For example, I need to be more organized with my paperwork, and I could stand to be more disciplined about exercising every day.  I haven’t seen any commercials telling me that, though.  The media doesn’t know me. I know me. They don’t know you. You are a better judge of the things in your life that need improving than they are. And I would be willing to bet that it’s not your car, or your lips, or your hips or your clothes.  It’s more likely areas of personal development.

I would like all of you to stop listening to the voice of the American Lie. There is in fact nothing wrong with you. The fact that you have areas to work on only makes you human. Nobody can sell you anything to cure that, and I am glad. The messiness of this human experience is also a beautiful thing. We are all in it together.

The bottom line is this: You are ok. You are good enough. Don’t be a mindless consumer. Don’t listen to the lies this Christmas season.  Give yourself and others love and acceptance. It will go a lot farther than miracle weight loss liquid or new clothes. It will even go further than diamonds or a new car. I promise.


About annamarieklikan

I am in my late twenties; I am a follower of Jesus, an avid reader, a lover of all animals, a professional scheduling coordinator (less glamorous than it sounds) and a self-admitted goofball sometimes.
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