I don’t want to be a rock.

Recently I heard the saying: “We humans are like rocks.  We like to hide our flat side.” 

 The person who said this to me meant it in the context that we all have pride and don’t want to show our weakness to the world.  I have to agree.  For the most part, I like to appear strong, able, and like I have everything under control.  But the truth?  The truth is I am a broken person with flaws, weaknesses and shortcomings.  I just like to lay on those, so they are hidden from view.  I wouldn’t want anyone seeing that I am human, now would I?

So how do we stop being like rocks?  I admit to my humanity, and my faults.  I choose to turn my flat side up.  I confess that I spend way to much time worrying about what people think of me.  I am afraid of rejection.  I am sometimes very unmotivated.   I eat too much.  I rarely get out of bed before 8am.  My room usually looks like a disaster zone.  If I let myself, I could totally become a hoarder.  I don’t greet new people at church because I am afraid they wouldn’t want to talk to me.

You get the idea, right?  I am human.  I have lots of flaws.  Don’t get me wrong – I have good qualities also: this is not about bashing myself.  It is about being honest. If I choose to acknowledge my own faults, I know myself a little bit better.   If I choose to trust others with my insecurities, I become less insecure about them.

I want to be less like a rock, and more like a cat.

Let me explain: Have you ever seen a cat just flop over and expose their tummy for a nice belly rub?  They are completely trusting, even while they are purring until they drool all over you and spaztically kneading anything their little paws touch. They look pretty ridiculous (although very endearing), but they pay no mind to their appearance; they just trust you to love them anyway, and to keep petting them.  They let their flat side show.  I am striving to do so more often, also.




About annamarieklikan

I am in my late twenties; I am a follower of Jesus, an avid reader, a lover of all animals, a professional scheduling coordinator (less glamorous than it sounds) and a self-admitted goofball sometimes.
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7 Responses to I don’t want to be a rock.

  1. Mariya says:

    Loves it!! Thanks for sharing, it’s very brave and un-rock like to be so vulnerable:-) hopefully by putting all these things out there you will begin to see yourself in the light that most of us do. You’ll see how wonderfully valuable you are (even though you have flaws and are human) like “they” say.. It’s not about “the what” of something, it’s what you do with it. ~biggest hugs.

  2. Joy says:

    May we all follow your example!

  3. This is so true! We are all in the same boat, Anna. I think all of us, in some way, are afraid of “exposing” ourselves. I am sharing this on FB!

  4. Luv your post… very insightful. Thanks so much for sharing! I can see it and feel it now… a furry feline on my lap, belly up for a rub… limbs lolling, eyes closed, motor running loudly… soothingly… I need a cat!

  5. Shea says:

    This is why you are a stronger person than I am, I am still struggling to write in the log because I know it is more than just you reading it!

    • I don’t think it necessarily makes me stronger, Shea Shea. I think maybe I am just sick of worrying about what people might or might know about me or what they think of me. It still took a little self-pep-talk to hit the publish button on this one! 🙂 I think that everyone reading your log cares about you – does that help at all? And just maybe, if you give them the chance you will find they are worthy of sharing your thoughts and opinions with! And maybe not, but either way, it isn’t fair not to share with the world some of the creativity and adventure and humor and wisdom that you have inside you. Let a little out in your log, and see what good comes of it 🙂

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