100 % just right

I was talking with Vicky this morning when she said something that made me stop and think. Her dog recently had puppies – four darling, soft, squeaky, cuddly little pups. Since that day, she has discovered the intoxication and addiction that new puppies bring. She said to me today “Sometimes I just stare at them and wonder how they all can be so perfect. The momma and all four pups are so different, but so absolutely perfect.”

As soon as she said this, I knew just what she meant. This phenomena is something I wonder at every time I volunteer in our church nursery. I remember holding one little girl who had alabaster skin, wispy blonde hair, perfect little rosebud lips and crystal blue eyes. She was so beautiful; so perfect. A few minutes later I put her in a baby swing to rock for a few minutes and scooped up another little one. This little girl had a rich mocha complection, dark ringlets all over her little head, perfectly shaped full lips and big brown eyes. She was so beautiful; so perfect. Across the room there was another little girl and several little boys, all of whom had a beautiful variety of features and complections. They all were perfect in their own way; every last one. Beautiful little children.

I witness this phenomena at the farm, too. Each new little baby goat is beautiful. Their long eyelashes, big curious eyes, spindly little legs and soft floppy ears work their way into my heart. Each time I see a new one I think it is more beautiful than the last. But when I compare them, I find that they are both perfect, just in their own way.

Why is it that it is so easy for me to see this in babies and young animals, but I tend to forget it once they grow up? Why can’t I look at adults and see them as beautiful and perfect in their own way? When they are just little toddlers, it is so obvious to me; but as they grow I loose sight of this truth. How much more valuable would we all feel if instead of believing the popular lie that there is one “most attractive or “most perfect body type, skin color, hair color etc, we would learn to see the beauty in variety.

This helps me realize how God sees me. We are His children. We are beautiful to Him. He loves our dark and light skin, our blue eyes and our brown ones. He loves that some of us are tall, and others petite. He loves that some of us have frizzy curly hair, some have stringy straight hair, and others have very little hair at all. He formed each one of us perfectly, in our own way. I think He delights in the variety. Perhaps we should work on delighting in it as well.


About annamarieklikan

I am in my late twenties; I am a follower of Jesus, an avid reader, a lover of all animals, a professional scheduling coordinator (less glamorous than it sounds) and a self-admitted goofball sometimes.
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4 Responses to 100 % just right

  1. Shea says:

    Great post Anna! I miss your encouraging words and your insight!

  2. Cindy says:

    You are so very right, Anna! I wonder that often myself…why we do not value our individuality, especially in the ways that we look. We are so hard on ourselves, but I believe this mostly comes from negative input from the time we are small. And too much value is placed on “beauty”, when in reality, we are all beautiful! I really appreciated your insight in this blog, and for the wonderful reminder.

  3. Your blog is a fabulous find. You are a wonderful writer! Rejoicing with you in the wonderful diversity God chose to create:)

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